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Win a free Carpet Cleaning by helping a local visually impaired Beep Ball team Other prizes too!!

Raffle info Baseball for athletes with visual impairments. Beep Ball !! Keep your EAR on the ⚾️ 💕. Local team The BCS OUTLAWS are selling raffle tickets. Please help this team complete in the 2022 BEEP BALL WOLD SERIES. This is a wonderful opportunity for our visual impaired friends to play a sport and feel included. Think of how challenging it is to hit a baseball you don’t see …. you can only hear it , and running to a base that you cannot see but could only hear. It’s amazing and a blessing! Please let me know if you have any questions. My son is selling tickets to pay his way to national play offs any additional sales he makes goes to the team. Please contact me for tickets Regina Whitten text or call 979-446-1650 or email I can send tickets digitally via email or text or bring them to you Need not be present to win 😁 Thank you ❣️

Prizes: Kendra Scott bundle ,carpet cleaning service ,staycation date night ,family fun day bundle

ticket sale information

$10 per ticket, $40 for five tickets, $75 for 10 tickets

*my son has a disability other than vision. He is the catcher. He is 1 of 3 sighted players (pitcher, catcher, outfield caller).

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