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How many times a week should you vacuum..?

Vacuum Daily if You Have Pets

If you love your pets, you really need to fall in love with your vacuum cleaner, too. Pets shed and drop fleas and dander that can aggravate or cause allergies and disease. Not to mention what they bring in on their paws! No matter what type of floors you have, if you have dogs, cats and/or other furry friends running loose in your home, vacuum every day. If you don’t have time to vacuum every day, focus on the rooms—and the furniture—where your pets spend the most time. Or, consider investing in a robot vacuum. I love my rumba and would not get my carpets vacuumed enough without it.

If your pet has an accident on the floor, don’t wait to clean it up. Prompt cleaning will reduce the chance of lingering odors.

Did you know in carpet cleaning school we were taught that we all should vacuum once a day per person and once a day per pet. So if you have 3 people and a pet you should vacuum 4 times a week. With my family of 6 and multi dogs I technically should be vacuuming everyday and then some !

Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet next to the baseboards. Hair, fur, and dust collects there and can make your carpet look untidy. Especially under or near the ac return.

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Charles Cooks
Charles Cooks
Aug 23, 2021

Great readding your blog post

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