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Buy a raffle ticket and get a carpet cleaning discount❣️

Raffle info Baseball for athletes with visual impairments. Beep Ball !! Keep your EAR on the ⚾️ 💕. Local team The BCS OUTLAWS are selling raffle tickets. Please help this team complete in the 2023 BEEP BALL WOLD SERIES. This is a wonderful opportunity for our visual impaired friends to play a sport and feel included. Think of how challenging it is to hit a baseball you don’t see …. you can only hear it , and running to a base that you cannot see but could only hear. It’s amazing and a blessing! Please let me know if you have any questions. LIVE DRAWING ON SATURDAY APRIL 29th @11am livestream on BCS OUTLAWS FACEBOOK PAGE

Kendra Scott bundle

Texas A&M baseball tickets

Staycation date night

Carpet cleaning bundle

Family fun day bundle

Outlaws Charcuterie board

Leona general store steakhouse gift certificate

Contact Hillary Oswald at 979-587-2542 or hillaryoswald96@

Venmo Information:

Name: Kimberly Frederick

Username: @Kimberly-Frederick-8

PayPal Information:

Username: @bcsoutlawsteam

💥💥Let Real Clean Carpet Cleaning know you bought raffle tickets to receive your 10% off carpet cleaning discount! Offer ends Friday 28th 9pm and discount expires September 2023

RCCC TEXT 979-446-1650 or email @

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