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A fun retro diner experience.... a trip back in time

Last week we had a few jobs in Franklin. While driving through Hearne we noticed this adorable retro, or what reminded me of a 50’s looking, diner with a big sign reading Penny’s Diner. So naturally I just had to stop for dinner on the way home. The staff was great and very personable. The cook made fresh and delicious old school, put a smile on your face, hamburgers and amazing fries. The place was clean and decorated in fun time period décor. It may be a little out of the way, but I encourage y’all to take a trip back in time with your family. Did I mention they serve good ol fashioned breakfast 24/7, and I highly recommend the brownie with ice cream ….. yummy!

Penny’s Diner is located at 1051 N Market St, Hearne, TX 77859

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