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Real Clean Carpet Cleaning is bringing the latest commercial carpet cleaning technology to you backed by simple, straightforward, customer service.


Low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning method as a revolutionary


Encapsulation detergents, aid in breaking the bond between dirt, grease & grime and the carpet fibers.

The encapsulation cleaning solution is usually worked into a carpet with an agitation machine.  The machine types used include Rotary Brush, Rotary Bonnet, or CRB. 

The agitation facilitates in breaking the chemical bond between dirt and fiber.  It also mixes the encap solution with the soil and sticky-residue.  Upon drying, the solution crystallizes rendering the residue to be completely non-sticky.  Routine vacuuming removes the encapsulated particles.


Whichever machine is employed, encapsulation can produce remarkable and incredible results!

Approximately 79% of all carpet soil is dry particulate matter.  Routine vacuuming can remove most of these dry soils.  But, it is the other 21% that causes carpets to “Ugly Out” and need professional cleaning.

  • Carpet dry cleaning uses a special detergent applied with a small amount of water. A rotating brush or bonnet pushes the solution into the fibers and then we remove the detergent along with trapped dirt and debris.

Low-moisture Encapsulation

Low Moisture Encap

Ideal for


High Rise Apartments

Commercial Business

Family's with small children

Elderly or fall risk environments 

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